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An Expert

We were founded Labeling Manufakture in 2018 with a vision tobe the best supplier quality off product with competitive price, effectiveness in production and flexible in quantity. 

Our Team

   We understand what the goals and missions of the team want to achieve. All team members truly understand and are committed to meeting these goals. Companies explain what expectations they have of the team formed. All team members have clear expectations regarding goals, responsibilities, work and results.
   We create a conducive and comfortable environment for every member of the team. This conducive environment encourages trust between members, and can make team members not afraid to express their opinions. That way members will feel valued and feel safe if they have different opinions. Without this conducive environment, it will be difficult to build trust in the team.
   We build a good communication between members. We encourage every team member to be able to communicate openly and honestly, while respecting others. That way every team member will feel heard and understood.
   We instill a good sense of belonging for all team members. Because this sense of belonging is very important so that each member is aware that he is working with other members who have the same goals. Building a strong sense of belonging can be done by building good relationships among its members. Thus each member will have a strong inner bond with the norms that exist in the team.
   We value differences because every individual in a team must have different knowledge, perspectives, experiences, and opinions. Every point of view, experience, knowledge and opinion of each team member must be valued. By appreciating all the differences that exist, then later can achieve success in the team.
   We carry out periodic evaluations within a team because this is very necessary in improving processes, ways of working and interaction of team members. For a team that wants to develop and move forward, the team must be able to analyze what things are hindering the performance and strategies that have been carried out so far. The team must hold regular meetings to continue to assess the team’s process and performance in achieving common goals.

“A winner always thinks about  how to work together.”

various types of products

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with advanced technology we produce products of high quality, high accuracy and with a fast and efficient time

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